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Why Not Impromptu Opinion?

Document examination cannot be done in court. Even if the judge insists on an “on the spot” examination, a professional examiner will not oblige. Document examination is a very complex process; it requires time and an immense amount of focus because the examiner has to follow a standard methodology. To understand why an expert cannot […]

Save Time & Money

During the initial contact, ask the expert to provide a bio, a list of court testimony, and fee schedule. One cost-effective tip is initially inquiring about a verbal vs. written report. Finding out whether the expert opinion is favorable before you commit to a written report can save your client 30% of the retainer fee. […]

A Case Study: The Nail In The Coffin

Intellectual property theft is an all too common crime. People continually steal ideas, formulas, inventions and creative expressions. In many cases, there are gray areas that make intellectual property theft difficult to prosecute. I thought you might be interested in a challenging case that we were able to resolve. John Smith (the subject*) was working for a […]

What Lawyers and Judges Should Know About Handwriting Experts?

Finding the experts you need to prove your legal cases can be just as complicated as the cases, themselves. When the case hinges on forgery, it’s crucial that you retain a qualified handwriting identification expert – but how do you know who’s qualified and ready to solve your forgery problem? The Federal Rule of Evidence […]