About Ruth Brayer

Ruth Brayer is a court qualified forensic expert witness who has testified for the defense and the prosecution in both federal and state courts. Brayer has been retained in multimillion-dollar cases; using forensic investigative methodologies to authenticate disputed signatures, help clients avoid financial losses and dramatically improve the outcome of their case. For over 30 years Ms. Brayer has provided services for major law firms, New York City agencies including the Department of Investigations, the Law Department, and the office of the District Attorney. Ms. Brayer is a professional speaker and the author of Detecting Forgery in Fraud Investigations.
Ruth Brayer
Ruth Brayer
To learn all about Demystifying Forgery read Brayer’s Book: “Detecting Forgery in Fraud Investigstions: The Insider’s Guide”

You will learn how to:
 • Select your handwriting expert
 • Obtain the ideal exemplars to win an  air-tight case
 • Save time and impact your bottom-line 
• Prevent public relations nightmares and damaged reputations