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We ensure the authenticity of questioned documents, provide expert conclusive opinion & court testimony, so that you can settle disputes, avoid financial losses & dramatically alter the outcome of your case


"You consistently provided us with definite conclusions which have led to quick and effective resolutions of the cases. Your vast experience in the field of forensic handwriting examination and your concise reports enabled us to develop a well thought out strategy, zero in on the guilty parties, and prevent losses."
– Henry DeGeneste, SVP, Director of Corporate Security Prudential Securities, Inc.

“Your seminar Demystifying Forgeries was truly a staggering success. The system paid for itself – attendees armed with your techniques were able to detect forged checks totaling $300,000.”
– Joe Connors, Investigator, Merrill Lynch


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1.5 CLE credits for Effective Strategies to Create Airtight Cases
Truth, Lies and Your Bottom Line: How to Prevent, Reduce & Recover Fraud Losses
Ruth Brayer
Ruth Brayer

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To learn all about Demystifying Forgery read Brayer’s Book: “Detecting Forgery in Fraud Investigstions: The Insider’s Guide”

You will learn how to:
•Select your handwriting expert
•Obtain the ideal exemplars to win an air-tight case
•Save time and impact your bottom-line
•Prevent public relations nightmares and damaged reputations
Detecting Forgery in Fraud Investigations
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