Tip #1 – Save Time & Money

During the initial contact, ask the expert to provide a bio, a list of court testimony, and fee schedule. One cost-effective tip is initially inquiring about a verbal vs. written report. Finding out whether the expert opinion is favorable before you commit to a written report can save your client 30% of the retainer fee. On the other hand, if your expert opinion is favorable, the next step is to request a written report. Remember that the report can be read by the opposing attorney as well as the opposing forensic expert.

In a case where a verbal opinion is not favorable, your expert can act as a consultant. As a consultant none of his findings are discoverable. You can choose to meet with the expert and go over key questions, such as: does the opposing expert tell the whole truth and showing illustrative charts that show pre-incident, contemporaneous signature samples and not just post-incident that might be a disguise of the subject’s actual signature. Such question can create doubt regarding opposing expert’s objectivity.