“Your seminar Demystifying Forgeries was truly a staggering success. The system paid for itself - attendees armed with your techniques were able to detect forged checks totaling $300,000.”

Joe Connors, Investigator, Merrill Lynch

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“Your CLE program was, without a doubt, one of the best CLE’s I have ever attended. You gave a very spirited and lively presentation that kept your entire audience engaged.”
– Lori Marks-Esterman, Olshan Grundman Frome Rosenzweig & Wolosky LLP

Invite Ruth Brayer to be your next speaker and let her show your audience how to prevent, reduce and recover fraud losses through her engaging and captivating style.

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Effective Strategies To Create Airtight Cases

(1 1/2 CLE Credits)

Program Benefits
  • Understand how handwriting experts reach conclusions
  • Develop effective strategies to cross-examine expert witnesses
  • Discover why signatures change over time and why there is no perfect forgery
  • Gain insights into the mind of a fraudster


Truth, Lies and Your Bottom Line How to Prevent, Reduce & Recover Fraud Losses

Fraud dominates the headlines. It costs the American economy trillions of dollars annually. A lack of integrity creates distrust – affecting your company’s reputation and bottom line. Program Benefits
  • Insider's guide to prevent, reduce and recover fraud losses
  • Innovative ways to protect your company’s reputation
  • Case studies in business, sports and politics that you can apply to your company